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I create custom jewelry for people who like bold, beautiful accessories. Carolyn Ferrari Art is for people who live their lives with an exclamation point!

I started in the jewelry business almost 20 years ago, quite by accident.  At the time my husband and I were running a publishing company and I was creating handmade journals for poets.  As it was, I needed a necklace to wear to a birthday party for his cousin.  There was nothing in the stores that felt suitable for a fashion-forward, full-figured woman of color.  I took some of the supplies from the journals, made a pendant, and tied it around my neck some leather cord!  Voila! The rest is history as they say. 

I am so grateful for people who have supported my art over the years.  I have been privileged to adorn many beautiful people both locally and globally. 

Each handmade piece usually has a story behind it although there isn't enough room on the pages to provide every one! <3

Most of my work currently is beadwork - earrings, necklaces, bracelets.  I do also work with a range of materials from feathers to sheet copper! 

Check back for future collections, as well as peeks into other art that I create - for your mind! 

Love and Light everyone!


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